The post-covid comms world – back to a ‘new normal’ or all change?

Professor Anne Gregory shares how organisations and Communications have been changing and how this presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for communicators to grasp the leadership role.

Anne Gregory is Professor of Corporate Communication at Huddersfield University in England. Her experience and expertise in Communication is broad and deep. Her latest research is in two main areas: the impact of artificial intelligence on the communication profession and how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world of Communications.

Anne will talk about how Communications is now at an inflection point. During the Covid pandemic organisations and their professional communicators have been jolted into doing things differently. Rather than just being a support function for organisations, Communications has become central to their existence.

In her talk Anne will share how organiations and Communications has evolved and how this presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for communication professionals to take on a more leading role. This requires a deep understanding of the wider context, a profound knowledge of the ‘inside’ world and the ability to set agendas that will drive organisational sustainability.


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