How President Biden´s top priorities can affect Swedish companies

Andrew Frank, KARV Communications will examine political trends and developments to provide insights into the changing landscape.

This webinar is relevant for communicators who like to get a better understanding of the Biden administration´s top priorities and to help them see around the corner to ensure their business is prepared for the changes that lies ahead. Starting Januari 21st there will be a policy shift away from how President Trump has dealt with the rest of the world.

Our speaker Andrew Frank, has 25 years of experience overseeing and implementing strategic communication and has also worked in the Democratic party for many years.

Welcome to this webinar, just days before the shift of power in the US.
January 14th at 4-4:45 pm.

Välkommen att anmäla dig till detta webbinarium den 14 januari, 2021 kl. 16-16:45.


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