ASEAN Public Relations Conference 2017

Publicerad: 18 aug 2017

The ASEAN PR Conference is hosted by the ASEAN PR Network in cooperation with the Global Alliance for PR & Communication Management, which is the Swedish Association of Communication Professional's global umbrella organization. We spoke with Prita Kemal Gani, founder of the ASEAN PR Network, and asked her about the upcoming conference.

What is the ASEAN PR Conference?

– As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) commemorates the 50th Anniversary of its founding, this dynamic 10-nation regional group faces a number of new challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of communications technology, changing social, environmental and political landscapes, and the internal dynamics and commercial potential presented by the ASEAN Economic Community. An ASEAN ‘diaspora’ also creates challenges and opportunities as professionals who have worked abroad return to their home countries seeking the economic benefits presented by a rising region.

– The first ASEAN Public Relations Regional Conference (APRC) will include a number of pre-conference events designed to provide important opportunities for networking and professional development. The events scheduled for September 20 include an association workshop presented by the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management and a gala dinner and award ceremony. These events will provide ample opportunities for attendees to meet and connect with professionals from the public relations and other related industries.  

What topics will be discussed?

– The ASEAN Public Relations Conference titled “Communicating ASEAN’s Global Competitiveness” invites experts and scholars to discuss issues of relevance to the ASEAN region in the fields of public relations and communications along the following key themes and topics: (1) ASEAN’s identity in the global community, (2) refining and communicating the ASEAN brand, (3) cross-cultural communication particularly among the millennial generation, (4) integration versus harmonization, (5) lessons learnt from European unity, (6) challenges presented by the rise of mobile communications and social media, (8) and the role of PR in promoting harmony and preventing conflict.

Why should Swedish communication professionals participate?

– We believe this kind of conference is not just for us in ASEAN alone. We are co-hosting this event with the Global PR Alliance, based in Switzerland, and everyone is highly encouraged to join. We are trying to reach out to everyone, including Swedish communication professionals. The conference will definitely further community bonding through cultural, educational as well as business and creative cooperation. 


Read more about the conference on the official website:


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